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Oranges juice and table 15 Kg

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  • 15 Kilos
  • España, Valencia, Sueca
  • Salvador Fuster
  • Land for cultivation
  • Natuira

We select the best oranges at the moment of the harvest so that you can enjoy it in your home within 24 hours.

The table oranges are larger in size and look better, while the juice oranges are a little smaller.

In the box comes about 10 kilos of table oranges and 5 orange juice.

We pick the oranges directly from the tree at the right moment of proper ripening, without adding any chemical for conservation

Our oranges are 100% Natural

Direct from the farmer

! Distruta of all its flavor and aroma!

No artificial treatments or storage!

Orange for table and juice
It is served in a box of 15 KG


Weight15 Kilos
OrigenEspaña, Valencia, Sueca
AgricultoresSalvador Fuster
CultivadoLand for cultivation


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Oranges juice and table 15 Kg

Oranges juice and table 15 Kg

Oranges juice and table 15 Kg


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